Trailer Service

  • Truck and Trailer Frame Repair
  • Truck and Trailer Brake Repair (Air & Electric)
  • Aluminum and Steel Welding
  • Trailer Axle Replacement
  • Trailer Axle Alignment
  • Truck and Trailer Lift Axle Installation
  • Truck and Trailer In-Frame Axle Straightening
  • Trailer Rolling Curtain Sales and Trailer Rolling Curtain Installation
  • Trailer Wreck Repair
  • Steel and Aluminum Fabrication
  • Truck and Trailer Federal DOT Inspections
  • Truck and Trailer Minnesota DOT Inspections
  • Hydraulic Wet Kit Installation and Repair
  • Complete General Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance
  • Trailer ABS / Trailer Anti-Lock Brake System Installation and Repair
  • Trailer Wall Replacement and Trailer Roof Replacement / Trailer Wall Repair and Trailer Roof Repair
Lee Bullis

Lee Bullis

Service Manager